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Complementing our direct attach and tape Storage Area Network solutions are our Remote Support capabilities. By downloading this client we can remotely control your computer and provide faster support. You are able to see all actions we perform in real-time. Any action we take is reflected at your local console as if you were entering the commands. Training, configuration and problem resolution capabilities are enhanced.

After downloading the client you would initiate the connection. Most firewalls will allow outbound connections as they by their nature are trusted since a user is initiating it. Port 443 is used for the connection, typically an SSL or secure port assignment in the case that your firewall is able to block outbound traffic. Executing the client will create a connection to our service computer and after connection is made we would then be able to take control of the computer, with you full viewing. We also can view actions you take at your console to help improve communication by viewing a common interface. You can break the connection at any time and uninstall the client if desired.

When longer term system support is required or the customer will be in a hands off situation the client will provide additional support capabilities. If the computer needs to be rebooted or the network connection is lost for any reason it will PHONE HOME in an attempt to re-establish the connection. This frees the user from needing to babysit the computer when reconnecting is required.

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