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   RAID Technology


Our RAID Systems provide the redundancy crucial to your operation. Virtually every component can be included in the Super Fast RAID array redundant configuration. Hot swap drives, fans and power supplies come standard with these "bulletproof" systems.

   "RAID-Redundant Array of Independent Disks."

   RAID Level definitions:

   RAID Level 0

Fast I/O as data is spread across the drives in the array by block size. No mirroring is performed. Provides most usable storage without data redundancy.

   RAID Level 3

Data is transferred in parallel on to 80% of the drives. The other 20% stores parity information, allowing data to be reconstructed if a drive falls without downtime. RAID Level 3 provides the highest throughput for large files with full data redundancy. RAID Level 3 is ideal for full motion video, pre-press servers, Image databases, multimedia or other applications that use large files.

   RAID Level 5

Data is transferred to, by independent read a write operations (not in parallel). Instead of using a dedicated parity drive, RAID Level 5 divides parity across all the drives. Like RAID Level 3, it yields 80% of capacity for data storage and 20% for parity without downtime even if a drive falls. RAID Level 5 delivers higher I/O rates and somewhat slower throughput than RAID Level 3. Designed to maximize I/O performance, RAID Level 5 is best suited for networking, continuous databases, transaction processing or other high read/write applications.

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