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Products we offer include:

    » Optical Storage


  Magneto Optical Drives and Jukeboxes

The MASStorage Optical Drives interface almost all platforms. The Magneto Optical Technology, now available at 9.1 GB per media, comes in internal, external, and optical jukebox libraries.


  Optical Jukebox (Plasmon UDO Technology) Library Subsystems for Netware, NT, Mac, and UNIX

The capacity starts at 40 GB and goes to the Terabyte level. Subsystem configurations for your NT (Intel and Dec), Mac, Sun, AIX, SGI network.


We supply either Hewlett Packard or Plasmon Optical Library Systems. We also provide the new "Direct Overwrite" optical drive technology for the stand-alone optical drives and the jukeboxes. Call or E-mail us for information and pricing.

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